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John Clark / Tuesday, January 17, 2017 / Categories: Web Design

Website Visuals - 3 Key Points You Need To Understand

Visitors judge you pretty quickly. Is it a good one?

Visual Graphics Are ImportantYou Are Being Evaluated Daily

As a visitor walks into your office you both are going to make a snap first impression judgement about each other very quickly. That first impression will then be solitified in the next few minutes or changed. If the first impression is a good one you are well on your way home. It happens fast, be prepared.

This same principle applies to many areas including your website or blog.

0.1 Second First Impression

That's all you get. That's all you give. You look at the clothes, shoes, hair style, age, grooming, facial expression and in 1/10th of a second you've already established a positive or negative 1st impression. 

Your website visitors are doing the exact same thing. You are getting a quick once over glance and they'll either like you or move on.  A lot of things go into that first impression micro second and one key element is your website visuals. Graphic displays, photography, colors and visual cues need to be well thought out and designed. 

60% Are Visual Learners

Visual learning is a style in which a learner utilizes graphs, charts, maps and diagrams. It is one of the three basic types of learning styles in the Fleming VAK/VARK model that also includes kinesthetic learning and auditory learning.

Using graphic organizers will improve Retention, Ready Comprehension, Student Achievement and Thinking/Learning Skills

If your visitors are auditory or kinesthetic/tactile learners they will still use the graphics but your words being there anyway will reinforce your message.

Device Oriented Websites

By now you should know that your website or blog needs to morph automatically to the device format being used. Phone and pad screens have to be considered the primary means of looking at your website. 

While the 62% figure certainly can vary between websites greatly, it's a good rule of thumb. Are you a restaurant? That may be even higher as people view your menu or try to locate you on the way to your business. They may come in from Yelp or UrbanSpoon for a closer look. 

If your website doesn't morph properly that should be a primary next step for you. You can check out your own site by just looking at it on your phone or using to check it out on numerous devices. If you don't mobilize well your first impression is definately a negative and one swipe from dismissal from relevance. 

When evaluating your online presence key in on these 3 areas for a good starting place for creating a good first impression online and increasing your business. It will pay off.

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