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What Is The Internet Hiding From You?

Even worse than "Fake News" is the problem of missing news

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People are more and more irritated about "fake news" and righfully so. What most don't realize is that we are all gradually being migrated into our own little online echo chamber. It's a place where you only see what your little world choices and preferences want to see.

Are Ads Costing You Money?

You are being tracked online, stalked actually.

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Did you know that your airline ticket pricing online may be higher than someone else? Did you know that shopping Staples online can result in higher than normal pricing to you because they know you'll pay more based on your browsing history?

Living in Greenville TX - It's Pretty Sweet

It's not the place, it's the people that make the place.

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My wife and I moved from Kalamazoo, MI to Greenville on December 1, 2016. Since moving here and opening a business, I want to write a few things about how wonderful this city is and is going to be over the next few years. While we're still not totally settled in, the welcome has been outstanding. Here are some of my initial observations that I hope you will enjoy.

Website Visuals - 3 Key Points You Need To Understand

Visitors judge you pretty quickly. Is it a good one?

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As a visitor walks into your office you both are going to make a snap first impression judgement about each other very quickly. That first impression will then be solitified in the next few minutes or changed. If the first impression is a good one you are well on your way home. It happens fast, be prepared.

Website Design - Planning and Organization

Great Design Starts with a Detailed Blueprint

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When you think of website design, is beauty the first thing that comes to mind? Design is more than a simple beauty pagent on good looks. True beauty runs clear to the bone and that takes planning and strategy.