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Website Graphic Design

Is the graphic design of your website important?

Test it for yourself. Try searching for something you want and go to the link presented to you after clicking. How long does it take for you to find the information or answers you are looking for? Is it quick and easy or confusing? How obvious is it to figure out the site's navigation and move from page to page?

If it's easy to find things quickly and easily then the design was done with usability in focus. The design is extremely important because it determines how fast your visitors can find what they they are looking for. Is it easy or so difficult you give up and try another site? That's a lost opportunity, like petting the cat in the wrong direction.

Great design is easy to understand and navigate, helping people find their answers and takes you one step closer to making the sale or getting in contact.

Does your design have some visual spark? Is it well organized? Does it draw the eye into the page for more information?

Use this website as an example

Many things on the Greenville Web Design site are put in place to give you ideas. Ideas on what you can do and to illustrate our abililities to add some life to the content. Text and information have some bounce to them when scrolling down the page, there is action in the graphics and numerous examples of using slide shows, photo galleries and a modern design. The website also looks nice on your mobile devices. Give it a try.

If you'd like to add some of that spark to your site I'd be happy to consult with you on the possibilities. Just contact us for a sit down consultation, we're glad to help. It's our idea of fun.