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Website Software Choices


Choosing the Right Software for Your Website

Most don't even know websites come in software packages. They are called Content Management Systems (CMS). There are 1200+ choices at our last count 3 years ago. Out of all of those choices, which one is the best for your organization? It really depends on 3 main factors:
  • Your budget
  • What you are wanting to do on your website
  • The familiarity of your web designer with a particular CMS

We segment our packages based on the above and use 3 main software based systems: WordPress, DotNetNuke (DNN) and Big Commerce.


Word PressWordPress (WP) is probably used by more organizations than any other package in the world. I find it a nice choice for organizations that are smaller or have a smaller budget. It is fairly easy for customers to edit their own content on and there are thousands of plug-n-play modules that allow for economical functionality to be built in.

WordPress is used by roughly 25% of all websites in the world. The software was originally designed to be for blogging in 2003 but later morphed into a full blown website content management system with the ability to create most any style of website. It can be an economical eCommerce site, blog or general informational website. It's very social media friendly (excuse the overused phrase).

DotNetNuke (DNN)

DotNetNuke DNNWe like DNN a lot. It is designed for all sizes of websites but it's focus is more on the corporate level websites focus. It is used by all the armed forces of the US for the Defense Department, KIA Auto, Chrysler, City of Denver, Dannon, BP, Canon, Dominoes and the like. It is also used for smaller organizations and non-profits. We find it our main go-to software with over 15,000 plug-n-play modules. This website is built on the DNN platform.

One of the big advantages of using DNN is the ease of editing by our customers. They can easily figure out how to make quick edits to the site and it's also easy to add great functionality quickly because it's already coded in a module. There are thousands of preset design templates to make get the website up and running quickly.

Big Commerce

Big CommerceIf your site is dedicated to selling things with a shopping cart, few software packages are as great and advanced as Big Commerce. It is as robust a package as you can have at an economical price. Feature rich, you can have an out of the box solution that will more than likely handle all your shopping software needs.

A few things it does nicely include unlimited options for inventory from colors to sizes for clothing, all customized. It links to most available online credit card options for check out and integrates shipping costs for live result from all the major shipping companies world wide. It also includes SSL certificates which are necessary for site security.

Who Uses DNN? A Short List: